Lavender Incense Bundle
Lavender Incense Bundle

Lavender Incense Bundle

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I am pleased to offer you some lavender burn bundles to bring you comfort and peace with your space during your days spent at home. 

I personally love to light a candle, scented or unscented and hold the sage over the candle until it begins to burn. Either gently wave the bundle in the air, or place it standing upright in a bowl of sand or on an incense holder near an open window to let the breeze blow the smoke into your space. 

Please be Mindful- 
Do not leave bundles burning unattended for any amount of time.
Keep out of reach of children.
Make sure ashes fall on fireproof surfaces, (ashtrays or incense holders).

Storage Instructions:
Keep in Cool & Dry Place

NOTE: the items in this photo are now out of date, as we need to update the photo. Sage is no longer included... it is JUST a wrapped incense bundle of dried lavender.