- LATE SUMMER, 2 0 2 4 -


My new collection is underway and was inspired by a more personal storyline than past releases. 

Using a familiar cast of childhood characters and symbolism, I have explored my own grief, heartbreak, and navigation of the confusing world of mental and invisible chronic illness. The topsy turvy confusion and absurdity is reflected in whimsical metaphors of textile and paper art. 

As an artist, our artwork is a place to put our secrets, thoughts, and our questions. I have always believed in a creative magic that can transcend boundaries and connect us on a deeper personal level.  While on the surface, I hope gifting and receiving these unique tokens will unearth nostalgic memories, bring joy and comfort communicating our shared understanding. I also hope, through this collection, to start more conversations and community for those struggling with mental or chronic illness, fostering empathy for an often baffling situation. 

Whether you're a collector, a supporter of the arts, or someone navigating your own journey of healing, I invite you to explore this collection and find some comfort in it. Each piece will be crafted with a lot of love and intention, and I am looking forward to sharing them all with you. 

Thank you always for your support and encouragement as I continue on this creative journey.

XX Emma



Skippy Cotton is Emma Mierop: an exceptionally imaginative, self-taught textile and paper-based artist, based in the Northern NJ/NYC area.With a background in retail management and visual merchandizing, Emma began sharing her artwork on social media in 2017 under the moniker “Skippy Cotton”—a name she discovered on a typed piece of vintage ephemera. Quirky, lighthearted, and not-too-serious—it was perfect for her work. And so, like Ziggy Stardust was to David Bowie, Skippy Cotton soon was to Emma Mierop. 


CIRCA . 26

Circa 26 is Skippy Cotton's sustainable clothing line inspired by the magic of childhood, family heirlooms and eccentric spirits — reimagined with an adventurous twist.

Circa's patterns are designed and altered from archives by Emma Mierop out of NJ/NY area. All of the garments are handmade with love by our talented production team of artisans in India.