Cat's Pillow, Sanctum Candle (travel size)

Cat's Pillow, Sanctum Candle (travel size)

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Aromatically nuanced candles made from botanical waxes, fine perfume, and natural essential oils. Small batch pours in frosted glass vessels, braided cotton wicks, and clean burns. Exquisitely adorned with letterpress art and hand-crafted packaging.

25 exuberant hours of light & scent. 

An unexpected ensemble of light, scent, color, texture,
space, and sound. Where we find peace and inspiration,
in any form it may take.

Cat's Pillow-

Scented of Lavandin Grosso, Green Herbs, Tonka, Rosemary, and Ginger. 

'Lounging by the fire,
Amelita Galli-Curci does play.
Catnip treats and a
tasseled velvet pillow,
you are hear her purr.
Sweet kitty.
Sweet kitty.' 
-Austin Press, San Fransisco