Artist's Studio, Sanctum Candle
Artist's Studio, Sanctum Candle

Artist's Studio, Sanctum Candle

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An unexpected ensemble of light, scent, color, texture,
space, and sound. Where we find peace and inspiration,
in any form it may take.

Gorgeous hand poured candles from Austin Press Studio in San Francisco. Made with soy, coconut, & bee's wax, natural essential oils, and fine perfume. Poured into recycled glass vessels, with cotton wicks, & letterpressed art.

50 hour burn. 8 oz

Artist's Studio- 
Scented of Jasmine Tea, Chocolate Nibs, Exotic 40, Egyptian Musk and Patchouli 

'The artist spends most of her days in her studio, quiet and focused, only the notes of Erik Satie break the silence.

She works with a myriad of materials, all selected for their intrinsic beauty. Nothing is taken for granted.

Her space is a floriental experience, Roses and pink jasmine clustered in a delft blue dutch vase sit next to a bowl of dark chocolate nibs, a 2 o'clock necessity.

Her long work table exudes scents of precious woods while thick cotton papers throw a dry musk into the air.' 

- Austin Press Studio, San Francisco