'For Your Eyes Only' Gift  Bundle
'For Your Eyes Only' Gift  Bundle
'For Your Eyes Only' Gift  Bundle
'For Your Eyes Only' Gift  Bundle

'For Your Eyes Only' Gift Bundle

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Treat yourself or a friend to a refreshing assortment of soothing scented products from our shop. 

This bundle includes the following items...
Warwick Furnace Farm Lavender Floral Water
Rose Burning Bundle 
Dolly Moo 'Sweetheart Moon' Fizzy Bath Bomb
Handmade Eye Pillow* (Fabric botanically dyed by DyeKween)
(Due to the fabric's natural dying process, the coloring of your eye pillow may vary from the one in this photo.)

This bundle ships in a soft mesh pouch with paper shred inside a sturdy shipping box.


 *A soft pillow fragrant of lavender has a calming scent that when placed on your eyes, forehead or bedside can ease anxiety, improve sleep, and help enhance overall calmness and wellness. The hand dyed sleeve containing the lavender pouch is machine washable. Hemmed opening on backside of sleeve to remove lavender pouch for washing. This product is not intended to be heated or put in the microwave.

Fabric dyed with botanicals is free of toxins and harsh chemicals that can pollute the environment and irritate the skin. The beauty of natural dyes is that they are a living color, but they do need a little extra care to maintain. Hand wash in cold water or on delicate cycle in the washing machine. Use a gentle soap. Keep out of direct sunlight/ store in shadow