Circus Girl's Trailer, Sanctum Candle (travel size)

Circus Girl's Trailer, Sanctum Candle (travel size)

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Aromatically nuanced candles made from botanical waxes, fine perfume, and natural essential oils. Small batch pours in frosted glass vessels, braided cotton wicks, and clean burns. Exquisitely adorned with letterpress art and hand-crafted packaging.

25 exuberant hours of light & scent. 

Scented of Bulgarian Roses, Purple Lilac, Musky Velvet and Clove Cigarettes. 

'Her trailer is akin tot a feminine curiosity cabinet. Lusty, yet sweet. Luring, yet aloof. 
French perfume permeates silk velvet and tulle. Tobacco and cloves linger from late night kreteks.
A touch of freshness is supplied by a bouquet of roses, lilac, yang, and hyacinth.
A love note lays dropped on the floor by hyet another admirer.
After a long night in the tent she shares a glass of sherry with her best girl.
Together they smile and dream of where they will venture next.' 
-Austin Press, San Fransisco